Spring 2023 Board Members

Meet the student members of The Wellesley Review‘s Executive Board!





Diana Daniela Padrón ’24


“Hi everyone! I’m a junior from South Texas majoring in Media Arts & Sciences with a fondness for Wong Kar-Wai films, Philip K. Dick novels, and warm noodles. The Wellesley Review is like a second home to me as a former high school lit mag nerd. Growing up, I’ve always loved creative forms of journalism and would flip to the features and arts sections of the accidental New Yorker delivered to us, looking to connect with others through the thin pages. The potency of different art forms and the way we share them with the world is so important to the character of our society. Stories—through writing, poetry, or art—are the way we preserve our sense of self and culture.

While on the Review, I want to work toward amplifying the voices of those underrepresented on campus because everyone deserves a platform to express themselves.”

Anastasia Kondrashin ’23


“Hello everyone! I am a senior majoring in English with a minor in Women’s and Gender Studies. I’ve been a part of the Review since my first year, contributing every year to the warm and creative environment that we promote on campus. I enjoy watching irreverent British comedies, perusing around the lake and meandering the streets of Cambridge. I am an amazing instant ramen noodle chef, however, I will make the best borscht soup you will ever have in your entire life.

When I’m not working on the Review, I’m probably making tea for my friends and forgetting the cup of coffee next to me.”

Jen Doyle ’25

Art Editor

“hello all, i’m a second-year philosophy and physics student, serving as the co-art editor. my current favorite creators of art, writing, and music are zdzislaw beksínski, walt whitman, and elliot smith. i love languages, communication, and thoroughly believe writing and art to be some of the best conduits for that. while i’m not working on twr, you may find me cutting my hair in stone davis, going to the bso with my gf, or walking to the cheese shop in the ville.”

Akasha Brahmbhatt ’25

Art Editor

“Hello! My name is Akasha, and I am a Women’s and Gender Studies major. I love magazines! I work for Wellesley Magazine and have been a member of W.Collective since my first semester and can’t wait to be Co-Art Editor for The Wellesley Review this spring! I am passionate about creating an inclusive and empowering space in media, and I can not wait to share the amazing artwork of our Wellesley sibs with the community! I grew up in Boulder, Colorado, and now live in New York City. My hobbies include embroidery, exploring new Boba shops, baking, collaging, and visiting museums!”

Cheryl Minde ’24

Poetry Editor

“Hi all! I’m so excited to be joining The Wellesley Review for another semester as a co-poetry editor. 

I am a junior from Minneapolis, MN (go midwest!) majoring in International Relations-History with a minor in Africana Studies. My favorite poets are Lucille Clifton and Li-Young Lee.

I love being a part of a community that shares and discusses all types of art. I am looking forward to this semester’s magazine!”

Shelby Ferris ’25

Poetry Editor

“I am a co-poetry editor and a member of class of 2025 (Go Green Class!). I joined The Wellesley Review my first semester looking for an all-embracing literary and artistic group, and I certainly found it! I am a big fan of experimental poetry and psychological fiction, and appreciate being a part of an organization that values a diverse range of works. When I’m not reading, writing, or involving myself with campus orgs that promote those activities, I like to bake and ice skate with friends.”

Catie Hanna ’24

Prose Editor

“Hi, my name is Catie and I’m an English major from CT! I’ve been a member of TWR since my sophomore year, and I’m so excited to be one of the prose editors this spring. When I’m not reading for class, I can be found drinking tea and enjoying the writing of Julie Orringer, N.K. Jemisin, or Neil Hilborn— among many others. Other than that, I really love building houses in The Sims and cooking with my friends!”

Riya Sama ’25

Prose Editor

“Hi I’m Riya! I’m from New Delhi, India and I’m so excited to be one of The Wellesley’s Review’s prose editors this year. I’m a prospective WGST and Psychology Major. I have always enjoyed literature but I think I found my true love for writing at Wellesley, which has centered around culture and gender identity. My reading preferences follow a similar pattern, but I also love fiction and fantasy. I’m an avid tea drinker and in my free time I try and practice the ukulele (emphasis on try). I am honored to have this opportunity to share the stories, ideas, and thoughts of the Wellesley community and cannot wait to see what this year holds in store.”

Lorena Horng ’25

Layout Editor

“Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore from Houston, TX majoring in MAS and English. I’m super excited to be a layout editor for TWR this year and see all of your amazing, creative work! In my free time, you can probably catch me boogie-ing with Wellesley Freestyle, playing grandma games on my phone (esp. sudoku and solitaire), or making another unnecessary grocery run.”

Sylvie Shaya ’26

Layout Editor

“Hi all! I am super excited to put together an amazing magazine with the wonderful art we receive! I am considering majoring in physics or English, but really who knows. On my own time I love reading (Isabelle Allende, Eka Kurniawan, and Octavia Butler are some of my favorites) and spending time outdoors hiking, backpacking, canoeing, you name it.”

Gabriella Olavarria ’25

Layout Editor

“Hello! My name is Gabriella Olavarría and I am from the Bay Area. I am a sophomore and an IR Poli Sci major. I am so excited to be a layout editor this semester! I love eating bagels (but the dining hall bagels aren’t it), playing games (mainly sudoku), and hiking/going to the beach (like a real California girl).”

Neha Gupta ’25


“Hey everyone! I’m a prospective Economics and Computer Science major from New Delhi, India. In my free time, you’ll either find me napping, painting or listening to some music. I like creating monthly playlists and exploring history podcasts – highly recommend The History of India by Kit Patrick. Also, always down to go to Boston and try new coffee shops and restaurants. Super excited to be part of TWR this semester!”

Emma McNulty ’26


“Hi everybody! I’m so excited to be The Wellesley Review‘s co-treasurer this year. I’m a first year interested in double majoring in English and economics. I’ve loved literature and creative writing for as long as I can remember, and when I’m not curled up with a cup of tea and a good book, I love spending my free time exploring Boston, going on runs, and skiing in the winter. I have two cats, Harry PAWter and CleoPAWtra. I miss them very much, but am otherwise very happy and excited about my time at Wellesley so far.”

Kiran Khan ’26

Events Manager

“Hi everyone! I’m a freshman from the Chicagoland area and have no idea what I am going to major in, though I’m currently leaning towards the humanities (English? History? Philosophy?… I don’t know). I’ve always had a love for storytelling and a deep respect for those brave enough to openly explore aspects of their identity through creative outlets such as art or writing. These contributions enrich our communities and influence our worldview. Stories, in all forms, have power, and I’m excited to join an organization that actively seeks to highlight the stories of those historically marginalized and ignored. I look forward to working with all of you!”

Anna Lieb ’24

Web Chair

“Hello! I’m a computer science and political science double major with a love for arts and literature. I love managing our website to help share the wonderful creative voices of the Wellesley community! I also hope that the website will make The Wellesley Review accessible to more people, on campus or otherwise.”

Shreya Venkataramani ’26


“I joined the Wellesley Review so I could share my passion for reading and viewing art. I love using writing as an expression of myself and as a part of my identity. I’m also obsessed with sparkling water and have a Google Sheets dedicated to rating them. (Grapefruit Spindrift is my personal fav). I also enjoy running and hiking. My childhood favorite book was Kira Kira and I just finished Darius the Great is Not Okay. I love going to the MET and MoMA with my family on weekends.”

Elizabeth Chou ’26

Merchandise Chair

“Hello everyone! I am a first year from the Massachusetts area and a prospective Bio Major & English Minor. I love illustrating, painting, reading and writing in my spare time so I’m incredibly excited to join The Wellesley Review as its Merchandise Chair. I also enjoy designing stickers and apparel and will bring that love this semester.

I joined The Wellesley Review after submitting one of my paintings in the fall. I quickly fell in love with its poignant, thoughtful community, and I wanted to be a part of that and feel inspired. I also hope to aid TWR in being ever more inclusive and diverse to better represent Wellesley and all our creatives here.” 

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