The Wellesley Review accepts fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, and all forms of visual art.
Submissions are CLOSED for our Spring 2023 Issue. Check back for the Fall 2023 submissions deadline (typically due in October).

Submission instructions:

  • Send your written submissions as Google Documents to Please give us viewing permission on each document and then email us the link(s). Please provide any content warnings (CWs) applicable to your submission with the relevant file.
  • Please send SCANNED small 2-D artwork or well-photographed large or 3-D artwork as a high-res JPEG file (>200 ppi), attached to an email to Scanners can be found in all campus libraries. Please crop your scans or photographs to the dimensions of your work with no excess background showing. For 3-D work, please photograph it in front of a plain background. With all art submissions, please also note the title, medium, and year your work was made in the following format: “Title” (medium, year). If you need assistance with scanning or photographing your work, please contact Diana Padron ( 
  • Please send us each submission as a separate file. Do not include your name within the attachments themselves, and save each file as “Title_FirstnameLastname.” If submitting written pieces, please be sure all titles are clearly marked.
  • We ask that you please limit your number of submissions to no more than 3 works per category per semester (maximum of 9 works total if you submit to poetry, prose, and art). Please be advised that while submissions are not accepted or rejected on the basis of length alone, longer prose submissions (over 1,500 words) may need to be excerpted in print if accepted.
  • We also ask that you submit an anonymous blurb (100 words or fewer) about yourself along with your submission, which will be made optionally available to board members as they make their selections. 

The Wellesley Review believes that creating and sharing art is one of the best ways to foster positive change. We aim to contribute to a campus culture in which the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx, Asian, LGBTQIA2S+, and first generation students are actively encouraged, highlighted, and celebrated.

Your voice matters. We thank you for sharing it with us, and we can’t wait to receive your work!