About Us


The Wellesley Review, Wellesley College’s biannual literature and arts publication, was founded in 2006 to provide a platform for Wellesley student, faculty, and alumnae art. As the only literary magazine on-campus, we foster a literary environment and encourage literary conversations by sponsoring readings and events, collaborating with other organisations on-campus, and publishing a student-led magazine full of student work every semester.


The Wellesley Review is evenly distributed across the Wellesley College campus at the end of each semester, but they tend to run out very quickly.
If you would like to be guaranteed a copy, become a PATRON (coming soon) or fill out this Interest Form (coming soon). If you are currently off-campus and would like a print copy of The Wellesley Review mailed to you, please contact us at thewellesleyreview@gmail.com.

We are also working on digitizing previous editions of the magazine to complete our online ARCHIVE and give everyone remote access to the magazine.

If you would like to see your thoughts published, SUBMIT to us and you could make it onto our website or into our Fall 2018 magazine!

The Wellesley Review