Spring 2022 Board Members

Meet the student members of The Wellesley Review‘s Executive Board!







Alyssa Robins ’22


“Hello all! I’m double majoring in English with Creative Writing and Psychology, but if I could, I’d probably major in Studio Art, too. I’ve been a part of the Review as long as I’ve been at Wellesley, and I’ve been obsessed with the Review since I first visited campus in 2015. For me, creative expression in the forms of visual art, poetry, and prose are powerful tools for justice, revolution, self-expression, and self-discovery. This year, I’m excited to create a magazine that captures all the ways our community uses art and the written word to express ourselves, everything we love and everything we grapple with.

When I’m not working on the Review, I’m probably hiking and camping on Ohlone land (and losing all my cold tolerance in the process!), quilting, or baking something with chocolate in it.”

Diana Daniela Padrón ’24


“Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore from South Texas leaning toward a Cinema & Media Studies major with a fondness for Wong Kar-Wai films, Philip K. Dick novels, and warm noodles. The Wellesley Review is like a second home to me as a former high school lit mag nerd. Growing up, I’ve always loved creative forms of journalism and would flip to the features and arts sections of the accidental New Yorker delivered to us, looking to connect with others through the thin pages. The potency of different art forms and the way we share them with the world is so important to the character of our society. Stories—through writing, poetry, or art—are the way we preserve our sense of self and culture.

While on the Review, I want to work toward amplifying the voices of those underrepresented on campus because everyone deserves a platform to express themselves.”

Anastasia Kondrashin ’23

Managing Editor

“Hello everyone! I’m a junior from Michigan, serving as managing editor for the best magazine on campus. The three years I’ve been with TWR exposed me to the most beautiful, innovative voices on campus and therefore – inspired me to major in English (accompanied by a minor in Peace & Justice Studies). I’m currently studying abroad at the University of Oxford, however I couldn’t part being away from TWR, my home away from home. I’m a big fan of Wellesley’s Russian department, making friendship bracelets, forgetting the cup of coffee next to me, and match-three games.”

Alex Ewing DS ’22

Prose Editor

“I’m a fat bisexual non-traditional student, and I try to represent all these things wherever I go at Wellesley. (Where are the plus size clothing options at the bookstore? I should be able to purchase a shirt that fits me. Do you know how many Wellesley clothes I own? Zero. Davis Scholars don’t even get a shirt when they show up for orientation! Contact me to complain about it.) I feel lucky to be serving as co-prose editor for my third consecutive semester. When I was the same age as the trad students here at Wellesley, I could be best summed by my LiveJournal interests, which included: litmag, slang, wet hair, Thursdays, commenting, and skim milk. The more things change, the more they stay the same.”

Zoe Golden ’24

Prose Editor

“Hi everyone! I’m from Western Massachusetts (it does exist even though sometimes I wish it didn’t) and I have wanted to be apart of the Wellesley Review since I first picked up one of their magazines while I was visiting campus. I’m a huge fan of Rom-Coms, both in their literary and cinematic form, and I can often be found singing the praises of the 2005 version of Pride and Prejudice. Some of the authors I enjoy reading are Toni Morrison, Leo Tolstoy, Jane Austen, and Holly Black. Reading, for me, has always been both escape and solace. I’m looking forward to reading each piece and being transported into the authors point of view for a little while, as I am a huge fan of any prose that can make me feel something.”

Cheryl Minde ’24

Poetry Editor

“Warm Greetings! I am from Minneapolis, Minnesota and some of my favorite poems include won’t you celebrate with me by Lucille Clifton and When I say that we are all teen girls by Olivia Gatwood. Poetry has been a very important part of my upbringing and I continue to hold a deep love and appreciation for it. I believe the theme 2020–because the year is as abrupt as it is familiar–will make room for a wide range of perspectives and forms of expression. I am looking forward to reading each piece and being a part of creating the magazine!”

Gabby Garcia ’22

Poetry Editor

“Poetry holds such a joyful and precious place in my heart—and so does The Wellesley Review! I’m so excited to be a part of this creative community again, and I’m looking forward to all that’s coming this semester. When I’m not at TWR, you can probably find me singing in choir or reading about linguistics at my wonderful desk, preferably with a large cup of orange tea, surrounded by good books.

Here’s a poem I love: What It Looks Like To Us and the Words We Use.”

Grace Ramsdell ’22

Art Editor

“I’m an English & Creative Writing major and Studio Art minor, and I’m so excited to serve as co-art editor on the Review this fall. I’m a writer, photographer, and book artist myself… but one of my favorite parts of studio classes at I am an English & Creative Writing and Studio Art double major, and I love how words and visual art can work together as a language for storytelling. It is an honor to serve as an art editor for a third semester, and I can’t wait to see what creative work Wellesley will share with us this fall! You can find me in Claflin, Cambridge, or walking around Lake Waban—often with a camera in hand.”

Jen Doyle ’25

Art Editor

“Hi everyone !! I’m a first year student and so excited to be a co-art editor on The Wellesley Review. I’ve been considering majoring in philosophy or some other humanities major, but honestly, I’m not all too sure considering I am both young and dumb. I am absolutely obsessed with seeing other people be passionate about what they care about and art is one of the greatest mediums to facilitate that. My current favourite artists (my opinions, do, change more often than the seasons) are Zdzislaw Beksínski and Duchamp. Although I am not involved with the literary side of TWR I also am a huge fan of Pablo Neruda poems but that may be because I enjoy comparing the Spanish and English versions. I’m so excited to see the immense creativity and talent at Wellesley and being a part of showing it. <3”

Tiffany Chu ’22

Layout Editor

“Hey!! I’m a senior majoring in English and MAS (#bestofbothworlds). I love TWR, Rilo Kiley, the podcast Girls Like Us @girlslikeusshow, “When You Reach Me” by Rebecca Stead, making playlists (follow me on Spotify I will… follow you back), all Muppets except Sam the Eagle, and everything Hanif Abdurraqib writes. TWR has been one of the most rewarding parts of my time at Wellesley and I’m excited for everything this fall issue brings.”

AJ Chau ’25

Layout Editor

“Saa– I’m a prospective Data Science major (with no clue what my concentration will be). I’m from Boston, MA and am really excited to be a layout editor for TWR. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games– highly recommend Borderlands 2– and also play a couple of other sports, Rugby and Quidditch. Unfortunately (or fortunately), I’m currently having a slight addiction to the waffles and ice cream in Lulu, so I need all the exercise I can get.
I’m really looking forward to putting together an artistic mag that showcases all of your work in the most impressive light possible :)”

Phoebe Grandi ’24

Layout Editor

“My name is Phoebe and I am excited to be a layout editor for The Wellesley Review this year! I am a current sophomore studying political science and Russian. I was born and raised in San Francisco, California, but recently moved with my family to Park City, Utah. When I’m not doing homework in Clapp, I love reading, making playlists, hiking, finding new places to eat, and spending time outside with friends. :)”

Lucy Liversidge ’24


“What a pleasure to be in a role, Treasurer, that involves two of my greatest interests: writing and finance. Just kidding. But, for now, there are logistics to artfulness, and I plan to embrace those, not to take the joy out of the art but to ensure its place. I am glad to be involved with this awesome community.”

Kim Hsueh ’25

Publicity Chair

“I’m a first year from SoCal and a prospective MAS major. I’ll be a part of The Wellesley Review’s e-board as this year’s pub chair~ I hope to share this creative outlet online and on campus, and I’m incredibly excited to see Wellesley sibs project their voices through various forms of art! In my free time, I love making collaborative playlists with friends, virtually touring art galleries, and doodling in my journal :)”

Abby Martinage ’24

Social Media Chair

“hello beautiful people! i’ve been a part of TWR’s eboard since my first-year fall — then as a poetry editor, and now as our social media chair! i grew up surrounded by bits and pieces of poetry, from the mary oliver poem my mom taped to my bedroom wall when we moved out of my childhood home to the adrienne rich & elizabeth bishop poems i memorized for recitation contests in high school, and i’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to cultivate art and stories here at wellesley! there exists such comfort in other people’s work, and sharing art and poems and prose with each other helps us to realize how many of our big joys and crushing fears are shared — that is to say, we aren’t alone in any part of this wild and precious life. i’m so excited to share all y’all’s stories this year, and leave you with lots of love and a shameless plug for the wellesley review bot (@twreview_bot on twitter).”

Isabella Tjan ’24

Events Manager

“Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore from River Vale, NJ thinking of majoring in History and minoring in Anthropology (or maybe Math?!). I’m an Events Manager this year on TWR E-board! I joined TWR because I truly believe that literature and art foster community, innovation, and togetherness; to me, these are such special values that TWR contributes to Wellesley, and I wanted to be a part of that. I especially love to read poetry, but outside of lit/art, I love to travel, sing (Wellesley College Choir anyone?), eat good sushi/KBBQ, and go kayaking on Lake Waban (which you should totally do!). I am so excited to contribute to TWR this year and support the literature and art of the Wellesley community.”

Summer Chen ’24

Social Media Chair

“Hey all! I am a prospective Neuro and Philosophy double major. All forms of art have always held a big role in my life; from listening to music on public transportation to doodling in my notebook, art always helps me center myself. Although this is my first year with The Wellesley Review, I can’t wait to get to know and help grow our community of art and literature lovers as Events Manager. When I’m not doing work, I watch a lot of TV and like to spend time making different playlists of all genres. I also love to eat, with the exception of zucchini and peppers. I am so excited to be part of the team and to work with all of my artsy sibs.”

Anna Lieb ’24

Web Chair

“Hello! I’m a computer science and political science double major with a love for arts and literature. I love managing our website to help share the wonderful creative voices of the Wellesley community! I also hope that the website will make The Wellesley Review accessible to more people, on campus or otherwise.”

Van An Trinh ’24


Hello! I am thrilled to be representing the Wellesley Review in Wellesley College’s Senate this year. Home represents so many disparate places to me, and I was drawn to working with this magazine because it gave me the space and encouragement to express all of my complicated identities. Outside of the Review, you can find me drinking hot milk tea in Boston Chinatown, reading Sappho excerpts on the internet or wistfully dreaming of a Boston with accessible public transportation.

Diana Salinas ’24

Merch Chair

“Hello everyone~ I’m a double major in English and Environmental Science. I’ve held a love for literature since I was young and I’m really passionate about creative writing and art! A good lesson to know is to always attend events if they have catering >3”

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