by Esther Fan Find my love for you in the quiet, In the calm of a comma In the stillness of a pause A love that breathes between the lines. Find my love for you in my words In the crooks of my CAPITALS In the softness of my vowels In the caress of my … Continue reading Untitled

Home Going

by Tiffani S. Ren   Don’t be the woman who stays stays to be with a man, giving up the opportunity of a refreshing, terrifying blank slate, The wild possibility of the things you could do with that blankness, what could you fill it with-- So don’t be that silly woman who falls easily into … Continue reading Home Going

Excerpt from “I, Mental Patient”

By Tessa Rudolph 2/24/17 We skip the diary this time, start meditating right away. As soon as I’m settled on the couch, Dr. Khan pulls out her stopwatch, tells me to take a couple deep breaths before we begin. This is really not a good day for meditation: I have an English paper due tomorrow, … Continue reading Excerpt from “I, Mental Patient”

Meet the E-Board: Senator

Hi Reviewers! Starting today we will be posting the Fall 2018 The Wellesley Review E-Board introductions starting off with our wonderful senator, Alyssa 🙂 Hello! My name is Alyssa Robins, and I am the Senator for the Wellesley Review, as well as a general member on the prose and poetry boards. I am a first-year interested in … Continue reading Meet the E-Board: Senator