It’s Passion, not Pretence

by Udita Bajaj The Colosseum. First day, first historical monument of Rome to visit. I stood there, motionless and at a loss of words. All I could do was stare. Stare at the architectural beauty which had a gaze several hundred years old and an aura even older. It had sustained the eye of many … Continue reading It’s Passion, not Pretence

Test Results

CW: Heart Disease “Jackie, come up for lunch!” My mother called from the kitchen. “Coming!” I stood up, felt my eyes go black, and found myself lying face down on the ground, my nose and mouth bleeding from the fall. I was 13. That was the first time I felt real fear. Hereditary heart disease … Continue reading Test Results

New Blog Posts Every Week!

Dear Reviewers, Welcome to The Wellesley Review's official blog! Every Sunday, one reviewer will post something for you to read - anything from a fragmented personal poem to a recipe from home, from a discourse on where to find the best tasting water on campus to an op-ed on Graham Central Station and whether it's really that great (I … Continue reading New Blog Posts Every Week!