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Dear Reviewers,

Welcome to The Wellesley Review’s official blog!

Every Sunday, one reviewer will post something for you to read – anything from a fragmented personal poem to a recipe from home, from a discourse on where to find the best tasting water on campus to an op-ed on Graham Central Station and whether it’s really that great (I have doubts).

(If you want to share your incomplete, ridiculous, funny, weird, amazing thoughts with us and other Reviewers, SUBMIT to us at!)

We will also have regular updates about everything that is going on this semester – stickers, Org Fair, Open Meeting, E-Board applications, events, and so much more!

With great excitement,
The Wellesley Review


Hello, Reviewers!

We have very exciting news today. After a summer in the works, we are finally making our The Wellesley Review stickers available!

Check out these beautiful designs by Juna Lee ’21, one of our Publicity Chairs, and Sanjana Thakur ’20, one of our Editors-in-Chief!


We will be selling all of these beautiful stickers at Org Fair and at our Open Meeting, but we have very limited quantities available so you should support your only campus literary magazine and pre-order them now! (Plus, they’re cheaper if you pre-order!)

Click HERE to order stickers if you are ON-CAMPUS and can pick up the stickers yourself.
Click HERE to order stickers if you are OFF-CAMPUS and want the stickers to be mailed to you.

The Wellesley Review


Dear Reviewers,

Welcome to the new and improved The Wellesley Review!

All summer, our E-Board has worked hard to provide you with a more user-friendly, enjoyable experience. The pages have been redesigned, the blog posts reconceived, and  the site restructured.

What’s New?

The Review’s website has been redesigned for simplicity, ease, and aesthetic pleasure.

Policy Change:
From Fall 2018 onwards, all prose and poetry submissions must include appropriate Content Warnings, including but not limited to: death, violence, gunshots, self-harm, racism, abuse, animal cruelty, sexual assault, blood, misogyny, body shaming, transphobia, and homophobia.

We have stickers, everyone!! Click HERE to check them out.
We have very limited quantities of each sticker, so order HERE if you are a current student/faculty member on-campus or HERE if you are off-campus and want the stickers sent to you!

Increased Campus Interaction:
In order to facilitate and be a part of more on-campus conversations, we have created two new E-Board positions titled Community Chairs! They will organise lectures, events, and the biannual The Wellesley Review Release Party.
(Pssst! If that sounds like fun to you, keep an eye out for application information!)

Increased Social Media Presence:
In order to increase our engagement with social media and our supporters, we have decided to have two Publicity Chairs rather than one. The Publicity Chairs will post regular updates to our Facebook page and Instagram. Additionally, beginning in Fall 2018, our E-Board members will post one blog update to this website every Sunday.

Junior Positions:
We want to encourage all Wellesley students to feel comfortable trying new things, and so we are introducing two new positions – Junior Layout Editor and Junior Treasurer!
Students in these positions will have the opportunity to learn amazing new skills from trained, experienced Layout Editors and Treasurers so they can feel confident applying for Senior positions layer!

Starting in Spring 2019, we will be posting all NaPoWriMo blog posts to this main website under the tag ‘NaPoWriMo’ instead of to our peripheral NaPoWriMo site, which will stay up as an archive.

Please contact us at with all your questions, comments, and suggestions.

As always, thank you all so much for your love and support!

Yours truly,

Cheryn Shin (’21) and Sanjana Thakur (’20)
Editors-in-Chief of The Wellesley Review