Spotlight: Cheryl Minde

Conversation with Cheryl Minde

Q: What does your creative process look like when approaching a piece? What part of the process comes first?

A: I don’t have a specific process but usually I begin by thinking a lot about what I would like to see; what images will make me feel joy. Oftentimes, especially with this specific photo, I think a lot about what I like about my favorite artists: Chester Higgins Jr. and Carrie Mae Weems. I love how Higgins captures seemingly candid and expressive moments and Weems plays with high contrast and bright colors. Most importantly, however, I love how both of them capture black people and black families and that’s what I wanted to do.

Q: Is there a place—whether physical, cultural or otherwise—where you think of your writing/art as coming from?

A: I think my photography comes from my upbringing in the city of Minneapolis. I think there is so much history and diversity to see and love (and struggle with) in my city. I like to think that my own family contributes to the richness of the city and it just fills me with creativity.

Q: What is a piece of work or another creative who you find yourself returning to when you feel lost? Who is another writer or artist you wish to celebrate?

A: One of my favorite photos ever is Higgins’ piece called “Young Family Strolling, Harlem.” I love work that captures family and I feel very at home when I look at that photo.

Artist’s work

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