Meet the E-Board: Senator

Hi Reviewers! 43063225_10156359540843301_1685651582802198528_nStarting today we will be posting the Fall 2018 The Wellesley Review E-Board introductions starting off with our wonderful senator, Alyssa 🙂

Hello! My name is Alyssa Robins, and I am the Senator for the Wellesley Review, as well as a general member on the prose and poetry boards. I am a first-year interested in studying English, creative writing, studio art, and astronomy, along with nearly everything else!

I first learned about the Wellesley Review while visiting campus in my sophomore year of high school, and it is a dream come true to be on the E-Board. I can’t wait to share our writers’ voices with the student body!

Outside of the Review, I am a copyeditor for the Wellesley News, a apprentice of the Guild of Carillonneurs, on the Dorm Crew, Elevator Elf for my dorm (McAfee!), involved with the Unitarian Universalist community on campus, and a member of the Student Organizations and Appointments Committee (SOAC).


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