Friends—Or, To My Wellesley Sisters

Read “Friends—Or, to My Wellesley Sisters” by Linda Zixia Liu ’19 on our NaPoWriMo blog

Wellesley College NaPoWriMo

By Linda Zixia Liu ’19

Will you believe me, if I tell you
I have the best friends
One could ever wish for?

(They are quite a handful,
But made my life colorful:
All shades of ruby, brown, and golden,
Amber, blue, and peacocky.
They hardly turn rosy, never blushy,
But under the sun,
Two burn, and one ripens.)

I write one type of poems only,
Those sad ones
About falling in and out of love.

(So they asked me,
“Would you ever write a happy poem?”
I said no, but my mind worked me on a yes;—
Maybe we are just missing the kiss.)

But this is the spring,
And after many a winter days,
Flowers blossom into soft pink clouds,
The lake unleashes
Its musical pulses:
Grand movements of the wind, humble movements of the ripples,
The graceful lazy swan, floating diagonally across the lake,
Letting waters

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