For your consideration: prompts & a Hopper painting

This is the first in our new series of Wednesday writing prompts. We’ll do our best to post ideas and images that you can reinvent and extrapolate from—and we hope you’ll send us your most successful experiments!

  • Write something in the style of your younger self.
  • Mention a piece of cutlery.
  • Write about something that you didn’t see.
  • Use a piece from our archives to make an erasure poem.
  • Think about suspense and suspension.

Sarah Ruhl writes in the notes for her play Dead Man’s Cell Phone, “As for the Edward Hopper moments… I think they are about finding one simple gesture—Jean looks towards a window—and suspends—and the lights imperceptibly shift. They are about the solitary figure inside the landscape or architecture. They are about being alone inside of or in relation to the modern.”

hotel-roomEdward Hopper, Hotel Room, 1931





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