Lit Mags We Love


‘Tis the season, and this Valentine’s Day, we’re confessing our love to the lit mags we’ve been crushing on:

  • We adore Filmme Fatale even more than we love film, feminism, and femmes fatales.
  • McSweeney’s is on our list, too, because what’s better than a crush who makes you laugh and encourages your Internet Tendency?
  • Reading Prac Crit is the next best thing to eavesdropping on a conversation between your favorite poets.
  • Featuring microfiction and poems written in 100 words or less, A Quiet Courage is an online collection of minimalist gems that make us swoon.

One thought on “Lit Mags We Love

  1. I just discovered this post now. It’s really nice to see this, and I really wanted to say thank you so much for including A Quiet Courage in this list, it’s an honor to be featured. And thank you very much for the very kind words. I’m really pleased and honored that you think so highly of what’s been published.

    Clara Ray Rusinek Klein
    Founder and Editor in Chief,
    A Quiet Courage Journal

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